Why we do it:

Because we believe that work should be more than just “shift surviving”.

What we do: 

We do business! In finance, marketing and HR with people that are passionate about work on academic level. Solely with exciting companies, corporates with a start-up mentality, media, retail, telecom, data management, scale-ups and a lots of others. As long as it is fun.

How we do it:

To the point | intrinsic |  old boys network | team players | social | people people | persistent | “the guy to talk to”

Who we are:

DLIVR is the proud result of 16 years of experience in corporate sales and recruitment, a healthy dose of pigheadedness,  a firm belief in doing things our own way and a huge amount of curiosity and impatience.


T: 06-41061832 / 020-2101270
W: www.dlivr.nl